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Master of Arts (MA) in Addiction Studies

Assessment Methods

The MA in Addiction Studies is an academic programme informed by the clinical and academic experience

of the lecturers. Assessment is approached creatively with a range of assessment strategies including essay

writing, in-class presentation, graded group dissertation and examination.
Instructions and guidelines for all assessment are clearly communicated to students.​

The Master of Arts (MA) in Addiction Studies programme has the following content:


Semester 1

  • Core Modules

  • Basic Concepts in Psychoanalysis

  • Approaches to the Theory and Treatment of Addiction

  • Research Methodology I

  • Transference Issues in Addiction Treatment

  • Addiction Psychopharmacology

Semester 2

  • Core Modules

  • Psychoanalysis and Addiction: Theory and Technique

  • Cultural Issues in the Study of Addiction

  • Social Policies and Social Context of Addiction

  • Research Methodology II

  • Integrative Tutorials

  • Supervised Clinical Visits I

Semester 3

  • Core Modules

  • Supervised Clinical Visits

  • Research Project

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