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Our team at SiD Ireland are experienced international education specialists, who are extremely passionate about what they do.

As a company we recruit great people who are specially trained to our exceptionally high standards. Our team is meticulous and works hard to perfect every detail. We’re constantly checking the quality of everything we offer, from accommodation to education, to the recruitment services we provide.

We also recognise that service is everything so we encourage customer feedback; it’s the way we continually develop and improve what we offer you.

Michelle Goes
Founder & CEO

Michelle has 7 years of experience as a consultant for international students, and has already established herself as the "go to" person for all international education related issues. It was as a result of her constant interaction with students the she spotted this niche gap which existed in the market.   

Tom Daly

With over 10 years of experience in business development and online education, Tom's mission is to build SID into the most complete resource for a student's needs, and to build relationships with the most trustworthy and reputable partners on a global scale 

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