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Certificate in Business and English Language


Course Content 
The curriculum is structured by themes. These themes are:

  • English language skills for successful academic participation 

  • Learning skills 

  • Self-efficacy skills 

  • Discipline-area specific knowledge, skills and culture 

  • Cultural understanding

The four language skills form the basis of the programme. The Reading component and Writing component form one language module - General English Language Skills and Writing Skills for Academic Purposes and the Speaking component and Listening component form the second language subject – Communication for Business and Enterprise and Communication. These are the underpinning modules in both Semester one and Semester two. These modules are delivered in lecture and tutorial format with small class-sizes of 12-15 learners. English language acquisition underpins the course. The skills developed in these language modules are practised in the other subjects.

In addition to language skills, students acquire business research and information technology skills which are delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions in the modules Information Technology and Research Skills for Business.

The cultural element of the course is addressed in Self & Society. This module examines issues pertaining to the individual living in a foreign environment and explores the historical, economic and social context of their new environment. Business Functions comprises an introduction to the
business environment concentrating on the four integrated and interrelated business functions of accounting, marketing, economics, and management.


Awarding Body: Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI)
Duration: 26 weeks
Course Start Date: September 2019
Award Type: Special Purpose Award

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